Valley Irrigation is the leader in Linear (straight line) and Pivot (circular) irrigation systems for large field coverage with minimal to zero “touch” applications. These systems ensure full coverage of your acreage with reduced water loss from evaporation due to the overhead, “spray down” design.  Many of the Valley systems seen throughout the Northwest were designed and installed by Ernst.

Two-wheel linear systems are a cost-effective way of covering smaller fields with a width of up to 1300 feet.  A two wheel system can pull 400 feet of 4 inch hose.

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The top-of-the-line Rainger, 4-wheel systems can cover fields as large as 1500 acres.  The Rainger, 4-wheel system can pull up to 600 feet of 4 inch hose.


Pivot systems are ideal for covering circular areas, and offer a simpler approach to covering a large area with a permanently installed central tower. In case you were wondering, you can cover a square area with a pivot system.  Automatic arm extensions can be programmed to reach out into those corners when travelling.

 We can help you decide which type or model of Valley System is best for your application with a design consultation. 


Ernst also services everything we sell, so whether you have questions during installation, need adjustments to the installation or require changes or tune-ups after your system is up and running, we are here to help.

Design:  When you call us to explore a solution for your fields, we have a variety of questions that we will take you through to ensure that you get the best solution for your budget.  This includes required coverage, land slope, water supply, touch or no-touch operation, overall cost, government subsidies, length of system, among many other variables.

ManualsClick here to be directed to the manual page for the Valley system(s) that you own have interest.  

AgsenseAgSense® powers your farm. With it, you can access real-time information about your operation, control center pivot irrigation remotely, and monitor your farm through your smartphone, tablet or PC. Stay on top of things, wherever you are.  

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Service: We service everything we sell. Whether it is a quick “in the field” phone call to help you with a problem, or whether we arrive on property with our famous white “Ernst Irrigation service trucks, we keep your system working and your crops covered when it is most important. 

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