Water Treatment Systems

Layer 19There is no such thing as naturally clean water when it comes to crop irrigation. Whether physical, chemical or biological, any form of impurity can cause clogging, reduced system life, reduced system effectiveness or danger to crops and humans if not treated properly. For this reason, Ernst Irrigation is staffed with the most knowledgable professionals in the industry, to ensure that your water source and your delivery system, are protected from any form of impurity that will jeopardize the quality of your crops or the health of your customers. Selecting and designing the right system for your conditions, your equipment and your field usage is what we do. We can provide all the specifications and recommendations that you will need for chlorination, filtration, disinfection, or line shocking. We sell and service filter stations, chlorinators, gas injection systems; anything needed to produce potable water. We specialize in Everfilt and Fresno products.

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