Linear and Pivot Service

Layer 18No two fields are alike, so when the time comes to irrigate, it takes knowledge and experience to design a system that is cost effective and efficient. Ernst Irrigation is staffed to handle every aspect of providing reliable water delivery to your field. We handle each step of the process from field analysis, to system design, financing, application for rebates or energy credit, delivery, construction and maintenance. When you decide that you want to move your land into production, we ensure that your investment will work for as long as you own it. If something wears out, or breaks, we come to you, to get you back on line before summer weather takes it’s toll. We are a Valley dealer, and we have an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge to bring to task on your irrigation needs. When you place your trust in Ernst Irrigation, we get the job done.


Mike Dolan: (503) 710-6711

Service Scheduling

Ken Sodders or Jerry Parmantier: (503) 633-4111