Irrigation Equipment

Layer 21If you know who we are, then you know that we have access to virtually anything that you need to handle your irrigation needs. If you haven’t heard of us before, then please check out this partial list of products that we carry:

Pumps, Hard hose irrigators, PVC pipe and components, filter stations, pivot and linear systems, pump panels, manure and slurry handling systesm, waste water disposal, aluminum pipe and fittings, variable frequency drive systems for horsepower on demand.

We are also a trade ally and can act as your expert partner in dealing with Energy Trust NRCS at the federal level as well as the Energy Trust of Oregon.


Mike Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 633-1111
Patrick Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 710-0295
Matt Corcoran (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse: (503) 710-0312
Anthony Tasselli (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse): (503) 633-1111