Custom Fabrication

Layer 16When you need something special to get the job done, think about calling us. If you need us to come service your equipment in the field, we will dispatch a technician and service vehicle, pull it and fix it on location, or bring it back to the shop if needed. We can perform all manner of in-house and field fabrication. We can straighten, replicate or repair mangled equipment. We have full fabrication services and design services for aluminum or steel, such as Filter Stations, suction pipes, Z pipes, pump stations, custom trailers, floating pontoon pump stations, manure handling equipment, safety shields and safety railing systems, pump skids and rail systems. Need special adapters – no problem! We can perform soft hose repair, hard hose repair, hydraulic hose assembly and repair. We can work with gas over hydraulic, diesel over hydraulic, engine replacement packages, turbine to hydraulic conversions, virtually any situation that can arise.

Sales and Design

Mike Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 710-6711
Patrick Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 710-0295
Matt Corcoran (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse): (503) 710-0312
Anthony Tasselli (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse): (503) 633-1111