The Boys are back in town! Just got another load of Bad Boy mowers in. Call Joel for details 503-633-1111. Click the link below for model info:

Traffic, Shipping &  Receiving

What an honor it’s been to know this man. Thank you to Jim for being such a wonderful example for us on how to lead our lives. Heaven gained a great one yesterday

Alex Shenk


(503) 633-1111

(503) 633-1111

Alex specializes in Well Pumps and Water Systems, and has over 20 years experience in the industry. Alex is also and active member or the Oregon Ground Water Association. Call Alex on his cell phone, 503-881-0916,or at the office 503-633-1111

Welcome to the Ernst team, Corey Dorst!!!

Corey Dorst - Helping NW Dairies

A big welcome to Corey Dorst !!!!
Ernst is proud to announce the addition of a new team member! Corey brings years of experience in Dairy Equipment Services to the table, is well known in the industry, and has established an outstanding reputation. Happy to have ya with us man!

Another happy BAD BOY customer!!

Another happy BAD BOY customer!!

Joel can't keep these darn things in stock!!

Joel can’t keep these darn things in stock!!