Ag Equipment Parts

Layer 15We can provide parts for all makes and models of ag equipment, including after market parts. Whether you need a replacement for something that has broken, spare parts for a system that we designed, upgrading parts for more efficiency or reliability, we can provide a solution. When you work with us, we make sure that you can keep your investment working long after the sale. The total cost of your system includes the ability to keep it working with local service and support.

For Sales

Brendon Buccholtz: (503) 269-8615

Water Systems

Layer 24Hard water, can ruin your plumbing fixtures, your water heater and your home piping. Excess iron can cause terrible staining, odor and taste. We can fit your home water supply with the necessary equipment to eliminate all of your water problems. Fresh clean showers, sparkling sinks and toilets, and great tasting water can be achieved with our help. Whether fitting your home with a pressure tank, water softener, oxygen injection, ozone or UV system, we have the design expertise, the installation knowledge and the parts and supplies to keep you happy and clean.