Welcome to the Ernst team, Corey Dorst!!!

Corey Dorst - Helping NW Dairies

A big welcome to Corey Dorst !!!!
Ernst is proud to announce the addition of a new team member! Corey brings years of experience in Dairy Equipment Services to the table, is well known in the industry, and has established an outstanding reputation. Happy to have ya with us man!

Another happy BAD BOY customer!!

Another happy BAD BOY customer!!

Joel can't keep these darn things in stock!!

Joel can’t keep these darn things in stock!!

Christmas Tractor !Christmas Tractor, compliments of The Brentano Family,

*** in Memory of Frank Horner ***

Santa's Visit
*** Look who came to visit! ***
** Santa thinks we’ve been good 😉 **


“K-Line Irrigation on American Farmer” — As seen on American Farmer on RFD-TV.
Call Mike Dolan to get your K-Line system designed specifically for your application.

PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe, we got it !!!

The Valleys largest inventory of PVC Pipe, we’ve got it !!!

Call our Sales staff today to reserve your PVC Pipe for your project!