Irrigation System Design

Layer 20When you need to get water from here to there, from the utility drop to the crop, there are many considerations to be handled. Elevation, pressure, runoff, delivery system, cost and efficiency. We don’t just sell equipment and parts. People come to us because they need solutions for providing water to their specific location. We know our community and we understand how to bring your land to life.

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Mike Dolan: (503) 633-1111
Patrick Dolan: (503) 710-0295
Matt Corcoran: (503) 710-0312
Anthony Tasselli: (503) 633-1111



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Irrigation Equipment

Layer 21If you know who we are, then you know that we have access to virtually anything that you need to handle your irrigation needs. If you haven’t heard of us before, then please check out this partial list of products that we carry:

Pumps, Hard hose irrigators, PVC pipe and components, filter stations, pivot and linear systems, pump panels, manure and slurry handling systesm, waste water disposal, aluminum pipe and fittings, variable frequency drive systems for horsepower on demand.

We are also a trade ally and can act as your expert partner in dealing with Energy Trust NRCS at the federal level as well as the Energy Trust of Oregon.


Mike Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 633-1111
Patrick Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 710-0295
Matt Corcoran (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse: (503) 710-0312
Anthony Tasselli (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse): (503) 633-1111

Irrigation Parts

Irrigation parts






We have the largest parts selection in the Willamette Valley! We have:

  • Drip fittings sold in small quantities, or by the case
  • Multiple sizes of distribution and drip tubing, with or without emitters
  • Oval hose
  • Plastic mulch
  • Drip Tape
  • Micro and Greenhouse irrigation products
  • Regulators
  • Filters and filter media
  • Aluminum irrigation pipe
  • Gaskets
  • Field fittings
  • Hydrants
  • Wheeline adapters
  • PVC pipe
  • PVC fittings from 1/2″ to 12″
  • Epoxy coated watertight dresser fittings
  • A wide variety of hose:
    • Layflat

    • Rubber discharge hose

    • Angus Dragline hose

    • Poly

    • Nylon

    • Braided

    • Suction

    • Spray

    • Hydraulic hose and fittings

  • Pump adapters
  • Suction and discharge fittings
  • Pump Parts for:
    • Cornell
    • Berkeley
    • Vaughan
    • Mitchell,
    • Parma
    • Bauer
    • Pioneer
    • Houle
    • Doda pump
  • Trailer spindles, hubs and a good selection of bearings.
  • Impact sprinklers
  • Nelson Big Guns and Rotators
  • Valves A- Z,
  • Electrical parts and conduit
  • Wire and connectors
  • Steel and aluminum fabrication fittings
  • Repair parts for most irrigation systems
  • Valley Linear and Pivot parts
  • Hard hose reel parts. 

And I’m just getting started!  Call our parts staff today, we are here to help!

Part Sales

Robert Hipp   503-633-1111

Jason Berg    503-633-1111

Jill Kenagy     503-633-1111

Katy Ellis       503-633-1111

Water Treatment Systems

Layer 19There is no such thing as naturally clean water when it comes to crop irrigation. Whether physical, chemical or biological, any form of impurity can cause clogging, reduced system life, reduced system effectiveness or danger to crops and humans if not treated properly. For this reason, Ernst Irrigation is staffed with the most knowledgable professionals in the industry, to ensure that your water source and your delivery system, are protected from any form of impurity that will jeopardize the quality of your crops or the health of your customers. Selecting and designing the right system for your conditions, your equipment and your field usage is what we do. We can provide all the specifications and recommendations that you will need for chlorination, filtration, disinfection, or line shocking. We sell and service filter stations, chlorinators, gas injection systems; anything needed to produce potable water. We specialize in Everfilt and Fresno products.

For Sales

Matt Corcoran: (503) 710-0312
Anthony Tasselli: (503) 633-1111

Pump Service

Layer 17Whether a turbine or submersible system; when your pump fails, you need fast turn around and expert problem solving. Whether your outage is the result of mechanical failure, electrical shortage or a combination of both, we have an emergency pump truck standing by. We can service most applications including pumps up to 100 horse power, 200 feet in depth and casings up to 8 inches in diameter. We can diagnose the problem, repair or replace the pipe, the wiring, the pump assembly or the motor on site.

To schedule your service, call


Ag Equipment Service

Layer 14Tractors, Tractor Air conditioning, transmissions, fuel systems, semi-trucks, flatbeds, whatever equipment that you use around the farm with an engine, we can service it for you. We will come to you and get you back to work. If we can’t fix it there, we will bring it back here. We have over 150 years of combined service on equipment repair. Our average employee has over 15 years on the job. We know diesel!


Dave Naumann: (503) 710-1000

Custom Fabrication

Layer 16When you need something special to get the job done, think about calling us. If you need us to come service your equipment in the field, we will dispatch a technician and service vehicle, pull it and fix it on location, or bring it back to the shop if needed. We can perform all manner of in-house and field fabrication. We can straighten, replicate or repair mangled equipment. We have full fabrication services and design services for aluminum or steel, such as Filter Stations, suction pipes, Z pipes, pump stations, custom trailers, floating pontoon pump stations, manure handling equipment, safety shields and safety railing systems, pump skids and rail systems. Need special adapters – no problem! We can perform soft hose repair, hard hose repair, hydraulic hose assembly and repair. We can work with gas over hydraulic, diesel over hydraulic, engine replacement packages, turbine to hydraulic conversions, virtually any situation that can arise.

Sales and Design

Mike Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 710-6711
Patrick Dolan (Ag irrigation, slurry systems): (503) 710-0295
Matt Corcoran (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse): (503) 710-0312
Anthony Tasselli (Micro, drip, solid set, greenhouse): (503) 633-1111